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プトゥ、ゲデ、そしてナガは3人とも日本での在住経験があります(→紹介ページへ)。 日本で暮らした経験から日本人の感覚や心をよく理解しています。自然いっぱいのトロピカルなバリ島で、安心できる快適な旅のお手伝いをいたします。  

●Airport Transport from USD15

We have a reasonable price list for airport transport by area with private car&driver. You can stop by at one point (convenient store/currency exchange) without additional fee. The price is special for those who book car charter tour with us! See the price list in English here.

●Well Trained Drivers

Our 3 main drivers has experience working in Japan, and are well trained regarding on puncutuality, hospitality and service. Our drivers can speak English and will help you through your enjoyable trip while in Bali. We also have many support drivers to escort you!


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